Develop your Game

in 8 creative weeks

Yes, just name your theme and have some coffee with us and we will design an interesting, strategic board game with loads of REPLAY ABILITY in 8 weeks.

We are not here to create games which basically revolves around the mechanisms used in monopoly, snakes and ladders and call ourselves game designers. We don’t create games just for the sake of gamification. MADIEE Board games are highly thematic with surprising metaphorical touch and comes with huge replayability.

Board Games create a platform of equality among its players and it is highly effective in engaging people. It is impressive and amazing to see what we can learn when we talk to each other and co-learn– our board games make this easy, effective and affordable.

Whether you want to streamline an induction programme, propagate a message, address diversity or inject life into a tired training programme, we’d love to help you make it happen.

It doesn’t matter what sector you’re in – board games work in any setting or situation. We collaborate with organisations in transport, education, healthcare, finance and many more to integrate games into learning and development programmes.

An engaging and a refreshing session, with loads of fun and creativity.

Just loved, learned and enjoyed the game (Lawmate). The best part is you can learn law while having loads of fun.

Amit Godse

Founder, Bee Basket

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CEGAIN, College of Engineering Guindy (CEG), Anna University, Chennai.