Workplace Synergy

Taking Board Games to Board Rooms

Here’s a fun, invigorating, engaging, leisure activity to empower your team and star performers

If you have been trying several employee engagement programmes and outbound activities, and still find your team NOT acting upto its potential, then MADIEE’ Workplace Synergy is for you. Here is why.

MADIEE’ Workplace synergy is an energetic 100% engaging employee engagement and growth programme using gadget-free board games, aimed not just at having fun but also at developing the holistic self through liberal arts.

With the growing attrition rate, and decreasing work-life balance at workplace, people, especially the millennials, are always on the look out for the place with perfect work-life balance, that enhances both their career and their personal well being.

Imagine a workplace, where people are continuously learning, having loads of fun, delivering top-notch outputs at work and team synergy is at its peak. We help you create one.

An engaging and a refreshing session, with loads of fun and creativity.

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